September 19, 2019

Switched to PM's HD Legion Overhaul from Aptom's Legion Redone
Added TTW Streetlights
Remove Static Battery Replacer as LOOT reports it is included in TTW (Thanks Himself)

July 29, 2019

Added New California, and Star the Wandering Courier
Remove CASM as saving features are included in Stewie Tweaks
Removed C16 Vanilla Sprint in favor of Just Mods Merged
Switched to using Just Mods Merged
Remove No More Giant Manhole Covers as it is included in YUPTTW (Thanks Daeymon)
Switched from Better Pickup Prompt to Better Pickup Prompt (NVSE)
Changed NMC instructions to say "download" instead of "install"
Removed patches for collision meshes for now (unsure if needed)
Added Outside Bets, as the assets are needed by the TTW patch (Thanks DKZ!)
Added user submiited Super Duper Mart Exterior Sign - Rustier Texture (Thanks DKZ)
Added Verify Optional ESPs section
Removed Live Dismemberment (no longer available on Nexus) (Thanks hamzta09)
Removed Tops Neon Restored (no longer available on Nexus) (Thanks hamzta09)
Removed DC Interiors HD for now (do not feel it is needed, and the instructions were confusing) (Thanks hamzta09 and Magnaau)

July 8, 2019

Remove Collison Meshes mods as they are included in TTW (Thanks theicedevil)

June 18, 2019

Remove NMC Fixed by QuazarX due to causing missing meshes (Thanks gini_)
Removed Just Mods Merge for now, until the instructions can be updated (Thanks CatGirlFetishIsReal)

June 7, 2019

Updated Collision Meshes FNV (Thanks DKZ!)
Added FPGE - TTW Interiors Patch (Thanks DKZ!)
All mods should have the ability to be collapsed, only showing the title
Added Vanilla UI Plus Plugin
Added Just Dynamic Crosshair
Added Just Hit Marker
Added Just Visual Objectives
Added instructions for TTWOEE - Just Mods Merge
Added instructions for TTWOEE - UI Merge
Added instructions for TTWOEE - Sandbox6 Merge
Switched to JSawyer Ultimate Edition
Added JSawyer Ultimate Edition TTW Patch
Removed TTW Nuka-Cola Expansion for now (compatibility with JSawyer Ultimate Edition is questionable)

June 6, 2019

Added DiaMoveNVSE
Added B42 Weapon Intertia
Added back Economy Overhaul
Added AWOP WRP Patch and AWOP Compatibility Patches and Optional Plugins
Changed to use C16's Vanilla Sprint
Update version of T4 Body
Changed to use FPGE TTW Companion Support version
Updated the LOD instructions
Added Nail Gun Retexture
Added Retextured Playing Cards
Added Tops Neon Restored
Added TTW Paradise Rising
Fixed link for Nuka Cola Expansion
Fixed link for Root n' Loot
Added High Res Vanilla Posters and Graffiti
Split Creatures section into categories
Updated version of Stewie Tweaks
Moved some mods around in the Textures section
Adjusted emoji icons and text color for some mods
Created new "Character Immersion and Movements" section, and moved some mods from Gameplay/Combat to this section

May 31, 2019

Added TTW More Map Markers
Bumped version of Bottle That Water
Added TTW Interiors Sink - Sortomatic
Added TTW Interiors The Mad Bomber's Workshop v3.1 file to TTW Interiors for TTW Interiors Sink - Sortomatic
Added Show Pickpocket Success Rate
Added Pinyon Nuts Retexture
Added High Resolution Iguana on a Stick
Added Casco Wonderglue Retex
Added High Resolution Potato
Added High-Res Hula Girl Retex
Added Toaster Retexture
Added Bobbleheads Retextured
Added HD Duct Tape Retexture
Added Clipboards Retexture
Added High Res Vanilla Water Bottle Textures and Meshes
Added Snowglobe Tweaks
Added Retrievable Throwables
Further organized the Textures section

May 24, 2019

Removed ApateX Female Face Textures in favor of Type 4, may add back later once I do more testing
Update Vanilla UI version (Thanks Alphaomega1115)
Added TYPE4 Female Body and Armors
Added Breeze Male Redux
Added Honest Hearts Tribals
Updated Ghouls Hires Rextures for Breeze Body
Added Chrysalis Billboard
Split textures section up into more organized sections
Added Feral Ghoul Children
Updated FPGE - Functional Post Game Ending
Updated IStewie Tweaks
Removed No Lockpick Activate that has been incorporated into Stewie Tweaks
Add Better HiRes Skill Books Retexture
Add HiRes Skill Books Retexture
Added Snowglobes Redone
Added Wasteland Flora Overhaul
Added Vurt's Improved Plants
Added Bottle That Water

May 23, 2019

Added instructions for xLODGen
Fixed NVR INI link coloring
Added Much Needed LOD
Added Less Horrendous Vikki and Vance Casino LOD Mesh
Added LOD Additions and Improvements
Updated and changed LOD section
Fixed the name of ENB Series
Give Viva New Vegas credit for xLODGen
Added Sortomatic DLC and TTW Fixes
Added Adding Mods section
Clarified some instructions

May 3, 2019

- Added HQ Pre War and Burned Books
- Added HD Caravan Table
- Added QuazarX DCInteriors HD textures
- Added all QuazarX DLC Retextures
- Added QuazarX NMC Improved and Bug Fixes
- Added ApateX Female Face Textures
- Switched to NVR INI from Viva New Vegas
- Added instructions for a Merge patch (Thanks 1stbuildguy)
- Added credit for Viva New Vegas
- Updated Robots HD Retexture link (Thanks Madotan)
- Updated NMC Textures Combined - TTW link to go to the forum post (Thanks 1stbuildguy)
- Added notice to NMC Textures Combined - TTW regarding account requirement (Thanks 1stbuildguy)
- Removed Monofonto font
- Added Contact page
- Added Changelog page

May 2, 2019

- Added service worker to cache page for offline availability

April 29, 2019

- Removed NVSR - New Vegas Stutter Remover
- Switched from NVR to NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix (Thanks Roy Batty)

April 20, 2019

- Added required FNVEdit scripts (Thanks CheesusChrist15)
- Clarified FNVEdit Scripts instructions (Thanks CheesusChrist15)

April 19, 2019

- Removed HD Spoon and HD Fork (Thanks rikaco)